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Financial analysis has been defined as an assessment of how effectively funds are utilized within a firm.  It attempts to measure efficiency and profitability.  The art of financial analysis lies in the analysts ability to take raw data and organize in a meaningful way in order to provide information useful for making critical decisions. 
At LakeShore Global, our financial analysis is based upon a strong foundation in corporate finance combined with exceptional database management skills.   This skill set allows us to create everything from ad-hoc analytical reports to full blown corporate forecasting models.
Some of the areas for which we provide analytical support include:

Financial Management

Restructuring Advisory

Financial Planning and Analysis
Corporate Records and Compliance
Return on Investment Analysis
Foreign Exchange Management
Product Line Analysis
Analytical Sales Support
Cash Flow Forecasting
Liquidity Management
Covenant Reporting and Analysis
Integrated Spreadsheet Models
Business Valuations
Recording Acquisitions
Corporate Consolidations
Industry and market analysis
Economic impact analysis
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Please refer to our Global List of Services for additional information regarding services available through LakeShore Global.  Given the appropriate access and availability of data, we can custom design reports tailored to your specific system or programs. 
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