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LakeShore Global provides financial and technical service to all types of organizations in a diversity of industries.  We specialize in compliance reporting for the global clean energy markets as well as emerging market research.  Our professionals include certified public accountants, engineers and accredited verifiers.  This  unique professional mix gives us a greater ability to identify technical issues that will yield our clients the maximum return on investment.

We differentiate ourselves from accounting firms and engineering firms by expanding our professional synergies and diversifying our knowledge base to provide a higher level of assurance for our customers.

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Our mission is to differentiate ourselves in the marketplace by providing specialized, focused service in an efficient and cost effective manner for our clients.

Through our differentiation, we will design, create, and discover new ideas and programs that will enhance financial performance, and drive growth in the clean energy markets as we open up economic opportunities for the next generation.

Sustainability Commitment

At LakeShore Global, we understand our social responsibility to protect our resources on behalf of the next generation.  In fact, we believe it is our responsibility to leave things better than how we found them.  This philosophy has led us to the establishment of certain goals and objectives regarding our responsibility.  Some of the things we have done to mitigate our footprint include:

- we utilize and encourage working "in the cloud" and leveraging  technology for data, voice, and teleconferencing needs.  We are in the process of building cloud applications that further our ability to reduce energy consumption and create efficiency in our work.
- we have installed energy efficient lighting and bulbs in conjunction with additional insulation and weatherstripping.  By instituting an energy aware environment, new ideas for reduced consumption and greater efficiency will result
- we encourage our employees to use public transportation, car pooling and share a ride programs
- we actively look for the efficient option in all purchases
- we calculate our carbon footprint on a regular basis and purchase offsets to cover usage that we cannot eliminate.

Our Sustainability Goal is to operate in a true carbon neutral environment in a manner that makes economic sense.  We are actively seeking alternatives to waiting for further utility deregulation or battery technology that will enable the economic establishment of a renewable energy source that will enable us to reach our goal.

We encourage our suppliers, vendors, and customers to adopt their own sustainability commitment and we are happy to assist in process upon request.

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